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Success Stories

Happy stories!

Since 1927, Berkeley Humane has united over 40,000 once-homeless pets with loving and committed adopters.


When you adopt an animal from Berkeley Humane, not only will you be sure that your pet is a great match for you and your family, but you will also know you have helped to make an impact on animal overpopulation in the East Bay.


After caring for these critters during their stay, there's nothing we love more than to hear updates on our Berkley Humane alumni and how well they are doing in their homes. 



Happy kitties doing well in their new homes -- there isn't anything we like to see more! Check out this sweet-as-can-be adoption update from Ocean's (formerly Tesla) wonderful family!

From Ocean's adopters:
Hello! We love our new kitten Ocean (formerly, Tesla)! After initially resisting her affection, even our grumpy--and massive--existing cat Ringo acquiesced to her. Read more...


Hola was a favorite of many Berkeley Humane staff members and volunteers thanks to her ever-sparkly personality and adorably goofy mannerisms, and we couldn't be more thrilled to see how well she is doing with her new family! When asked how Hola is doing, her family told us that, "Hola is absolutely perfect! She is just the sweetest most precious girl." Hola and her new sister Kloe are the best of friends. Read more...


Una was adopted from Berkeley East Bay Humane Society on October, 28, 2003. She turned 10 on July 30, 2013. She was a little tiny kitten when we adopted her. Now she is a BIG girl and well loved. We had a little party for her birthday - double digits! She got a card, toys, treats, a new scratch post and a dinner with her favorites. Read more...



From Buddy's wonderful family (well, from Buddy actually...!): I am super relaxed and happy in my new home in the Berkeley Hills. My Moms just love me to pieces and I am spoiled rotten...except when they give me a bath and when I have to go to school to learn things I already know how to do. Read more...

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