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Foster Care Program

Be a superhero & save lives

Providing Foster Care is one of the most impactful ways you can help homeless pets find loving homes.


Qualifications to be a Foster Care Provider:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Show genuine concern for the welfare
       of animals, consistent with the mission
       of Berkeley Humane 
  • Be able to monitor medical conditions
       as well as evaluate the behavior of
       the foster animals.
  • Provide care and socialization to your
       foster animals.
  • Provide regular transport to medical
       appointments and adoption weekends.
  • Be willing to separate foster animals
       from your own animals.

Fostering Cats

Cats and kittens in need of foster care:

  • Mother cat with her kittens
  • Underage kittens (0-4 weeks) who are
       nursing from the bottle
  • Underage kittens (5-8 weeks) who are
       eating solid and wet food on their
       own and are in foster care until they
       reach 2 pounds. Once they reach 2
       pounds they are spayed or neutered
       and placed for adoption.
  • Adult cats, between 6 months and 7
       years old.
  • Senior cats, 7 years and older.

Fostering dogs

Puppies and dogs in need of foster care:

  • Neo-natal puppies (0-4 weeks) who are
       nursing from the bottle
  • Underage puppies (5-8 weeks) who are
       eating on their own and need socialization.
       Once a puppy has reached 8 weeks old
       they can be spayed or neutered and placed
       for adoption.
  • Adolescents (8 weeks – 6 months) who
       need socialization and breaks from the
  • Adults (6 months – 7 years)
  • Seniors (7 years and older)
  • Medical cases (all ages)

Ready to get started?

Fill out a foster care application form and sign up for an orientation here.


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