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Dog Training

Dog training

We offer a wide variety of classes to appeal to the interests and talents of many different types of people and dogs. Our class offerings range from behavior modification classes to classes for fun and competition.

 Programs & Practices

We base our training program on scientifically proven, positive reinforcement, training using food, toys and fun to get the desired effect.
We teach our human students the art of patience and perseverance and show them the many avenues of communication through which
they can reach their dogs.

Because we believe that well-behaved dogs enhance the lives of everyone around them, our curriculum is carefully designed to take much of
the work out of dog training.


Our Philosophy

The foundation of our training philosophy is the premise that dogs and humans should live side by side in a cooperative relationship, that dogs are sentient beings and that we can and will train dogs in a gentle, kind way. Our guiding principles are:

A two-way relationship should be the end-product of training.

Dogs need effective and benevolent leadership.

The training relationship should enrich the lives of both dogs and people.

We believe that positive reinforcement and humane management are the most powerful teachers of all. We strive to develop a partnership effect in every one of our student teams through the instruments of modern behavioral science and positive training techniques.

Private Training 

Nancy Frensley, CPDT, CAP2, CGC Evaluator and AKC Scent work Judge was voted Best Private Trainer in the Bay Area in the 2010 Bay Woof "Beast of the Bay" awards. 

We do a limited amount of private behavior counseling to troubleshoot and treat behavior problems. All appointments take place at our training facility.  During an appointment we will evaluate the problem areas, and create a plan for you to start changing your dog's behavior. 

Many behavior problems are simply a result of partial training and can be resolved by taking a class and learning our excellent positive methods for making your dog’s behavior reliable. 



Prior to making an appointment we would appreciate your sending an email to, describing the behavior or behavior problem. Our trainers and behavior counselors can then review this information and make the best recommendation for you.



$120 per hour (Discounted for
packages of 3 or 6 sessions)

To contact our Training Department by phone, please call  (510) 845-7735, ext. 215.


"Thank you for a stellar class. Lucky and I learned so much. We both appreciate how your teaching style has helped us both live in a house with two roommates and to walk around the neighborhood in Berkeley. Lucky has even been on the bus and since your class it's helped him to stay calm, sit and be well behaved. I hope to take another class at some point since Lucky especially enjoys learning and doing his homework daily. The handouts have been great too for us to practice a little each day." - Lorian

"Perfect presentation of theory, good amount of usable info in an accessible language. Some ideas I'd not thought of in just that way, most notably your point about the food not being information, but a reward." - Candace

Nancy Frensley, CPDT, CAP2 was voted Best Private Trainer in the Bay Area in the 2010 Bay Woof "Beast of the Bay" awards.

"Thanks so much for a great intermediate obedience class!" We're already looking ahead to another class for Bobby...he likes learning new things and it keeps him intellectually satisfied." - Nicole

"[The classes] are definitely worthwhile.... and thanks for your understanding. I am religiously working with all we learned at the first three classes, and so is Jon. Kaiya can now stay in place for 12 feet away.... she is so smart." - Wendy

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