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Medical fund

Hope Medical Fund

Berkeley Humane's Hope Medical Fund was created to help sick or injured animals in the shelter system, who are least likely to find loving homes. The sad truth is, animals with medical needs are often passed over simply due to the financial commitment required to care for them. By rescuing and providing treatment to these animals, Berkeley Humane is able to give the most vulnerable animals the second chance they deserve.


The Hope Medical Fund is a restricted fund directly supporting Berkeley Humane’s on-site veterinary hospital, the only one in the East Bay dedicated to exclusively serving shelter animals. The Hope Medical Fund provides animals with the continuous medical oversight and care they need to be ready for adoption – with some animals needing more help than others.


This year, Berkeley Humane will have over $400,000 in expenses to medically prepare over 1,000 animals for adoption. By supporting the Hope Medical Fund, you can give these vulnerable animals the second chance they deserve.




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