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Thank you for your continued support during our disaster relief efforts 








We are here for Animal Evacuees from Hurricane Irma


UPDATE: 9/22- Over the past two weeks, I have shared with you the excitement and challenges of taking in animals from Florida in advance of Hurricane Irma. The majority were cats, but we did get a few dogs – and as it turned out they had lots and lots of intensive needs.

The challenge here was not the number of dogs – there were only 16. While many of these dogs are big and beautiful all of them require extensive medical or behavioral treatment before being made available for adoption. We are making some progress. TODAY Vlad, Rhonda, Quinn, Olga, and Sam will be available for adoption. We are determined to match them with loving adopters looking for a high-energy pet. 

Besides some of the behavior concerns, some of the other dogs tested positive for heartworm, a potentially life-threatening infection which we will need to treat for at least 3 months. Most of our animals stay with us for an average of 9 days; we estimate these dogs will be with us for more than 100 days. During this time, we will closely monitor them and provide all of the care they need.

One of our dogs from Florida had also recently been evacuated from Puerto Rico! Given the most recent disasters affecting Puerto Rico, we expect even more displaced animals to come into our care.

It has been our privilege to get to know each of these special dogs. We promise to work tirelessly to find healthy and loving outcomes for all of the animals in our care.




 UPDATE 9/14

Doing what is right is not always easy. Just one week ago when Berkeley Humane received an urgent request to take in shelter animals from Florida in advance of Hurricane Irma we did not hesitate. Within 24 hours our volunteers and staff were making room in our already crowded facility.


There have been challenges with limited space, lots of medical treatments, so many litter boxes to clean, and hungry mouths to feed. But, there have been the most amazing moments of fun, laughter, and love. Animals that were shy are slowly starting to open up and let their individual personalities shine through. And if there is one superstar it’s Icee, our hairless cat.


Icee had some health issues but is now feeling great and ready to start his new life. Here he is not being particularly cooperative during his medical exam from Dr. Heath, Berkeley Humane’s veterinarian.

Tomorrow Icee and a number of other animals from Florida and our local area will be available for adoption. Regardless of where they were born, they are ready to share the lives and couches of their new loving families.



UPDATE 9/13 -Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida over the weekend, damaging homes, leaving most of the state without power, and displacing thousands of animals.
In response to great need, Berkeley Humane received over 40 dogs and cats from Ft. Lauderdale in advance of Hurricane Irma. We had initially hoped to immediately place the majority of these animals up for adoption – but they are just not ready. 

The flight took its toll and we are seeing a number of underlying health issues brought on by stress. Some of these animals will be with us for a while – and that’s okay. However, caring for these animals in addition to our regular population will nearly double our costs. Some of the animals need vaccinations and medicines for respiratory and skin infections, others require specialized behavior training, and a few will even require invasive surgeries.



UPDATE 9/8 -



Dear Florida,

We’ve got your animals. They are Safe.

Yesterday, your volunteers and staff of the Humane Society of Broward County in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida evacuated all of the animals from your shelter. What you did was simply heroic. Your shelter is now in the direct path of Hurricane Irma. 
We want you to know we were there to greet the plane and transport your dogs and cats to Berkeley Humane and our rescue partners. They were all a bit tired and hungry, but some still wanted to play. The ones that were being treated by your medical team are now being treated by ours.
You are our heroes. You got your animals out of harm’s way. Now they are here in Berkeley, with us. They are all safe - even the hairless cat.
We’ve got your animals. We Love Them.
Once they are well rested, healthy, and ready for adoption we will find them new loving homes. No matter how long it takes. Don’t worry. We got this.
Now you be safe. Our thoughts and prayers of the entire Berkeley Humane Family are with you as you face the challenges of Hurricane Irma and its destructive aftermath.









9/6 -6PM -Our friends at the Humane Society of Broward County in Florida have asked for our help. Tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM, in advance of Hurricane Irma’s landfall, they will put all 230 of their shelter animals onto a privately chartered plane and fly them from Ft. Lauderdale to the small public Executive Airport in Hayward. Tony LaRussa’s ARF is coordinating the flight and the East-Bay SPCA and Berkeley Humane are all working together to ensure that immediate medical care and shelter is available for all 97 dogs and 134 cats.


Our medical and animal care staff will be on the tarmac to greet the plane and provide immediate care as necessary. We are making preparations for at least 50 of these animals to come to Berkeley Humane.  This is a very large number of dogs and cats to integrate into our organization at one time but these are extraordinary times and I am confident that we have the training, knowledge and experience among our volunteers and staff to meet the needs of these animals.


 Berkeley Humane will waive all adoption fees in order to remove any potential barriers to finding these animals new loving homes.


Thank you for your understanding and willingness to help these animals in a time of great need. 



9/7, 2:30PM- The plane carrying Hurricane Irma animal evacuees has arrived. We are on the ground with our response team receiving animals.






9/7 2:50PM Our response team is caring for animals with our triage set up. We will be bringing animals back to Berkeley Humane today.




9/7 3:22 PM - We are on our way back to Berkeley Humane.  Thank you to our wonderful response team who dedicated their day to rescuing these animals!



9/7, 5:20PM- Animal Evacuees have arrived at Berkeley Humane and our volunteer and animal caregivers are moving them in and getting them settled











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