Status: Adopted
Age: 4 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Size: Medium
Looks Like: Hound x

**Please Note: I have things to learn and some unique needs, but don’t’ worry - our staff will provide guidance and adoption advice for my love and care.

Hi, I'm Kendra!

If I could start over, I think it would be different.

I come from Puerto Rico. (I still find sounds in Spanish a little soothing.) My earliest memories as a puppy are of being outside. No leashes, no fences. There were things with wheels, lots of noises, and loud sights and smells, but I was independent, I could keep myself safe.

There were people around too, they were exciting and interesting. They were also confusing, mysterious, and a little scary—and they didn’t act like dogs, so I didn’t get too close to them. I wanted them to be patient with me and come to me slowly but, I didn’t let them come to me at all.

When I got to this place called Berkeley Humane, I could tell that this was a nice place where I could let my guard down a bit. I slowly warmed up to people and they sent me to stay with a foster person. Her name was Christine. While I wasn’t sure what to do, because I didn’t know what she wanted from me, she was quiet, calm, and let me have my space.

In Christine’s backyard, I learned what patience looks like. She would sit with me as I sniffed the bushes and trees. After a while I found myself following her back into the house. I could feel my curiosity come around, willing me to learn more about her and her world.

One morning I woke up early and found Christine sleeping on the floor next to me. She didn’t touch me, but she was close enough that I could feel her warmth and hear her breathing. It was so soothing, I must admit, and I fell back asleep right next to her side.

So if I could start over, from the beginning of my puppyhood, I’d do it differently. I’d live with people and feel safe with them. I’d relax and play when they are around, especially if they have another dog around to help show me the ropes. If you like, I’ll try to start over with you. I may always be a bit shy, but I’ll be as brave as I can be. I will always need you to take your time with me, and to take care of me - will you please take me home for the holidays??

I am 4 years old.


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