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Status: Available
Age: 12 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Size: Small
Looks Like: Miniature Pinscher Mix

Hi, I'm Pearl!

They say I’m a Pearl. That doesn’t make sense to me. I thought I was a little dog. Pearls are opalescent, and hard, and round. I’m brown, and soft, and dog-shaped. Pearls are cold and still. I’m warm and snuggly. Pearls just sit there. I vibrate with excitement when you enter the room.

But I vibrate very slowly.

I guess I have one thing in common with pearls. It took a long time to make me. I’ve seen a lot of dog years. I’ve been around the block more times than I can count (not that I can count that high). I’ve done a lot of living. I’ve run in the sun; now I prefer to walk slowly in the shade. I’ve chewed up my share of tennis balls; now anything harder than a soft treat makes my jaw ache. I’ve even chased a few rabbits; I still try occasionally, but the rabbits have gotten a lot faster. (Also I don’t see so good, and I sometimes confuse other dogs with rabbits—my bad.) When my bones ache I don’t want to be jostled, but I still want to be close. I like a good walk. And like any reasonable dog I need a best friend.

I’ll sit when you ask, I’ll lay down whenever I can, and I’ll stay when I’m near you. But remember, I’m no jewel. I’m only just a little dog.

My good friend Alex has set me up with a wonderful foster home where I can meet people. Give her a call (510-845-7735 x205) or an email (, and she’ll direct you to my foster coach. I prefer to be the only pet in your home so that I can hog your couch and be the center of attention.

I am 12 years old.

Thanks to a generous donation, my adoption fee is sponsored!


Berkeley Humane
(510) 845-7735
2700 Ninth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Dog adoption fees:
Puppies (up to 7 months) - $250
Adults (7 months to 7 years) - $150
Seniors (7 years+) - $75

(Adoption fees include shots, microchip, spay or neuter, flea control and worm treatment, plus $250 worth of medical care with partner VCA veterinary hospitals, and optional discounted pet insurance.)

Adoption Hours: Friday through Sunday: 11am-5pm

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