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Odin, a 6-year old bulldog mix was returned to Berkeley Humane in May of 2017. His adopter loved him dearly but after an unexpected and significant increase in his rent he could no longer afford to meet all of Odin’s medical needs as well as maintain his housing. As we all know, there is a financial burden to pet ownership so he had no choice back to make the very difficult decision to return Odin to Berkeley Humane. We will always take an animal back into our program to prevent them from re-entering the public shelter system, but our boy Odin was going to definitely be a long-term project for our hospital volunteers and staff. Odin’s medical conditions included severe food and environmental allergies, and as a result had increasingly challenging dietary restrictions.

Odin will also undergo an orthopedic surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament which likely resulted from him being twenty pounds overweight before came to Berkeley Humane.

Please help us fix Odin so that we can find him a loving new home!



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