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Happy Story: Wrenn!

"My husband and I found a dog we liked at Berkeley Humane, but we needed to wait a few days for our landlord to approve the adoption. As soon as we received it, my husband rushed to Berkeley Humane, only to find that dog had been adopted. I was pretty upset, but I knew it just wasn't meant to be. I texted my husband to see what he was doing, and he replied "Adopting a dog." I assumed he was joking, but when I came home from work, there was the cutest, scraggliest puppy waiting for me. Apparently, my husband went back to Berkeley Humane that day, met Dorian (now Wren), and fell head over heels in love with him. He just wanted to stay by our side and snuggle all day, every day. We are totally in love with our little fur baby and spoil him nonstop. I couldn't imagine a more perfect companion for our little family." —Megan & Brian, Adopters

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