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Happy Story: Koshka!

"We adopted Koshka in February of 2007 and she hasnt left our side since. Koshka constantly wants to be around us, from snuggling up at bed time, to sitting on our laps while we do our work. Koshka also loves to travel cross country with us. She loves a good road trip to our extended families in Massachusetts and Missouri. She loves to explore all the different hotel rooms. One of her favorite things to do is to sit in our grandma's window in Missouri and watch the snow fall. In September of 2013 Koshka was diagnosis with bone cancer. The wonderful doctors at UC Davis were able to amputate her leg, and now we have a wonderful little "tripod" kitty. Having three legs hasnt stopped her from doing all the things she loves to do, she just does them a little slower now. We love Koshka and cant imagine life without her." —Cathy Kuzmeski, Adopter

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