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Happy Story: Sumi & Jack

"We had just lost our dog of 8 years suddenly & unexpectedly & we had an emptiness in our home without a dog's presence. About a month later, we came across a picture on Facebook of a little three-legged baby cuddling with her toy fox with the caption 'If I wish real hard, I just know... i'll get adopted!'. I instantly fell in love. I begged my mom to get her & she was hesitant at first due to her having 3 legs. Finally after a lot of research, she gave in & we went down to Berkeley Humane to get her. I sat on the floor while the lady went to get Sumi so I could meet her & all of the sudden, this tiny little tan dog came around the corner & straight into my lap. I knew as soon as I laid eyes on her, that she was meant to be with me. We talked with the employees & they said that Sumi had a kennelmate, Jason (now Jack), that she had a very close bond with & they wanted us to meet him as well. We decided that both of these little dogs were supposed to go home with us & they did. We are so thankful to have these fur babies in our lives. Thank you Berkeley Humane!" —Katie Irish, Adopter

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