Happy Story: Ty

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"We searched every shelter every weekend for the dog who was meant to be ours. We met many lovely dogs but when we saw Ty, then named James, at Berkeley Humane we knew we had found our dog. When they brought him to the meeting room he tore across the linoleum and leaped onto the back of the couch we were perched on, then snuggled in and made himself comfortable between us and the back of the couch. We knew he was our missing family member. When we came back the next night in the midst of a rainstorm with renter's agreement in hand stipulating dogs were ok, he rode in the back of the car, jumping each time the windsheild wipers snapped back across the glass and we had to carry him up the three wet flights of steps to our threadbare apartment in what's now known as NOPA. As the days passed, he became acostomed to our hardwood floors and stopped skittering across every time he had to leave the couch. He joined us in Golden Gate Park for walks in the rhododendron den past the dinosaur trees. He hung out at Hippie Hill every Sunday every summer, romping with the other dogs. He held pine cones in his mouth and delighted in every scent along the way. When we moved south, out of the city, Ty found his way up and down San Bruno Mountain running against poison oak, wild fennel, sweet peas and among the coyotes. He became a big brother, a protector, twice over, to two human children. He grew older. Ty is now twelve years old, my first baby and still my best friend. He takes four pills twice daily for arthritis. He is always up for a walk, except when he's sleeping in the bed of his three year old boy, my son. And he is infinitely patient with my two human children who wake him up with hugs throw sticks and balls for him with joy and take him for granted as a constant in their lives, as I am starting to grow wary of doing. Each moment with him I'm grateful for and he will forever be my firstborn love." —Kelly McGuinness, Adopter

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