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Happy Story: Foxy

"We had been living together for a few months and decided it was time to get a dog. I could bring a smaller dog to work, but Bob didn't want a toy" sized dog, so we had an idea of what we were looking for. We had gone to a few adopt-a-thons and visited some shelters but we didn't quite click with a dog yet. When we arrived at Berkeley Humane, an adoption counselor asked us a few questions and then brought out "Teal" on a leash. We were instructed to take her around the block. I hadn't had a dog since I was a child and Bob had only had larger dogs, but off we went. She sniffed around and did her business and was generally pleasant. We sat with her for a bit and it just felt right. She sat in our laps and was calm and adorable (of course). It has been a non-stop love affair every since. Foxy picks up tricks within a few minutes and she can practically read minds. She's extremely photogenic so of course she has her own Instagram account (@foxytheterrier). We take her on adventures but our favorite time is bedtime, when she runs to the bed with her favorite toy and has a freakout play session before falling asleep. She LOVES celery and cucumbers almost as much as cooked chicken. Hearing her crunch on celery is the funniest thing ever. Not a day goes by when we don't laugh at something she does. Thank you, Berkeley Humane, for matching us with the perfect dog. We hope we make her as happy as she makes us!" —Anna Borg and Bob Newman, Adopters

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