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Happy Story: Maisy

"Three weeks into becoming volunteers at Berkeley Humane, with no intention whatsoever of adopting a dog (yes, we were delusional new we want to adopt them all!), we found the sweetest dog we didn't know we needed. Three years later, Maisy has pretty much become the center of our family and is adored by all of us. How could she not be? Not only is she an adorable fluffy little dog who some say looks like Falkor in The Neverending Story, but she wakes us up by licking our entire faces, loves laps, welcomes us home as if she hasn't seen us in months rather than hours, loves road trips, and has learned many fun tricks at Berkeley Humane's Trick class. She can fetch a tissue if someone sneezes and put away her toys -- all for treats, of course. Maisy probably isn't going to win Guard Dog of the Year award and is on the shy side (she's scared of cats and wild turkeys, some shrubbery, and definitely doesn't trust garden gnomes!), but she's perfect for us. Thanks, Berkeley Humane, for rescuing her for us!" —Jenny Craik, John Lacy and Emily Craik-Lacy, Adopters

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