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Happy Story: Lola

"After being warned that the dog we were meeting was usually reserved and uninterested in meeting new people, we were extremely surprised when Lola immediately sat down in our laps and started offering kisses left and right. We were meant to be! Incorporating this pitbull into our life, while not without its challenges, has been one of the most rewarding things we have done. Watching her come out of her shell has been a joy; we’re so happy that her inner puppy can finally shine! The way her face lights up when she’s chasing a tennis ball is guaranteed to cheer us up any day of the week. Here’s to a future filled with squeaky toys, food (one of the first words Lola learned…), and belly rubs! p.s.-We are forever thankful for Lola’s foster family, who sponsored her adoption. Your generosity has meant the world to us. We would also like to thank the Berkeley Humane Society Basic Obedience instructors, whose classes have helped us learn to communicate with Lola!" —Adopter

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