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Happy Story: Lily & Willow

"Less than a week after I'd said goodbye to my 21-year-old pal, who was my cat even before he was conceived (another story), I was idly checking my email and saw a notice of an adoption event taking place at that very moment. There were only a couple of hours left and I wasn't even dressed, but something took hold of me and said "GO!" I was pretty sure I didn't want to be catless, but ... so soon? So I rushed over, said I thought I'd like sibling kittens, fairly young, and did they have any brown tabbies? Bingo! Right over here, ma'am. Littermates about 10 weeks old. It took maybe 30 seconds, and I knew they were perfect! And, if possible, they have grown to be even more perfect since. I have raised single kittens before, but having a pair is like visiting another planet." —Donna Mehrten, Adopter

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