Happy Story: Bhagerra!

picture for Happy Story: Bhagerra!

"We lost our beloved big black male cat last year to cancer very unexpectedly, and were of course heartbroken. Rather than wait a while to get another cat, I wanted to adopt quickly this time, and we looked all over the place at many cats. I had gone to the Berkeley Humane society first, and had found a cute rag doll I was interested in, but by the time I went home to tell my wife, someone else had already claimed it. The cat we ended up with, Taurus, was actually in the cage right next to the rag doll at the time sleeping, but I didn't really notice him. My wife spotted him on our second visited, and she picked him. He was so excited to come home with us, and ran around like crazy in our house when we let him out. No hiding under the bed for this little guy. After a few days, we introduced him to our older tabby Tara, who was also mourning the loss of our former cat. She took to him pretty quickly, and they get along well and play together all the time. We renamed him Bhaggera (the panther), and he is quite the talker. His favorite thing in the world is chasing the red laser dot, and he knows where we keep it and will tell you when he wants to play by staring at the drawer until you take it out. We love black cats and have had 4 of them over the years--all completely different personalities. We hope to continue a long happy relationship with this little guy." —Adopters

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