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Uber Puppy!

Berkeley Humane puppies coming to you on Wed. February 3rd!

Berkeley Humane is very excited to partner with Animal Planet and Uber to bring our puppies to you! Our outgoing, healthy, fully vaccinated pups will be chaperoned by trained Berkeley Humane animal handlers in spacious Uber SUV vehicles. Destination: animal lovers of Berkeley, East Bay, and San Francisco!

All you have to do is make the request via your Uber app on event day. In addition to giving these gregarious pups an opportunity to socialize in controlled, positive environments, we hope a few love connections will be made, resulting in happy stories for all! Proceeds benefit Berkeley Humane.


Berkeley Humane is partnering with Uber and Animal Planet to bring our shelter puppies to you! Want snuggle time? This is your chance!


Wednesday, February 3rd, 11am-2pm.


Berkeley Humane's puppies will visit Berkeley, the East Bay, and San Francisco!


On February 3rd between 11am-2pm, use your Uber app and choose "Puppies"! You can "split the fare" and share your snuggle time with friends or co-workers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to get Berkeley Humane pups to visit me or my company outside of 11am-2pm on February 3rd?
A: Uber Puppy in East Bay and San Francisco will only take place during this time! However, Berkeley Humane is able to send animals to local business locations per our Corporate Sponsors' requests. Want to be a Corporate Sponsor? Please contact

Q: What kind of puppies will be available during Uber Puppy?
A: All kinds! As an animal welfare organization, we rescue a diverse population of pups in various sizes, colors, shapes, and ages. Many are mixes, and all are precious and individually unique and special. Since our Uber Puppies will visit many places and meet many people within a short period of time, Berkeley Humane will make available puppies who are healthy, fully vaccinated, and generally outgoing. 

Q: How quickly will my Uber Puppy arrive after I make the request?
A: We have a limited number of puppies to go around, so please check frequently on event day for any opportunities to make the request, and please be patient with us and our puppies!

Q: I've never had a puppy before. Should I still request puppy time if I'm not sure what to do with the puppy?
A: All of our puppies will be chaperoned by a trained Berkeley Humane animal handler, who will provide tips and guidance on how to best engage with our puppies, so we have you covered!

Q: I'm so excited! How should I prepare for my Uber Puppy?
A: We're excited too! The most important thing is to be patient and gentle with our puppies, especially when they first arrive, and work closely with our trained animal handlers who can provide great tips on animal behavior and body language. Our puppies are visiting multiple locations, so fresh, clean water would be much appreciated! However, since puppies tend to have sensitive tummies and can get tummyaches if exposed to too many different kinds of treats within a day, please only give our puppies treats provided by our animal handlers. 

Q: Will puppies be available for adoption? What if I fall in love and want to bring a puppy home with me?
A: Although our puppies will not be available for adoption during the Uber Puppy event, they will be available the same Friday on February 5th (we are open for adoptions Fridays—Sundays 11am-5pm). Interested parties may fill out an adoption application form obtained from our animal handlers for priority consideration.

Q: Who is Berkeley Humane and what do you do?
A: Since 1927, Berkeley Humane has served the people and animals of our East Bay community by providing life-saving programs for cats and dogs, cultivating compassion, and strengthening the human-animal bond. Because the well-being of animals reflects the well-being of our community, we engage minds, hearts and hands to provide care for dogs and cats in the East Bay.

PRESS OR MEDIA? More Questions?

Please contact for more information. 

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Berkeley Humane is a non-profit, independent organization not affiliated with any government, regional, or national animal welfare entities. We rely on the support of passionate community members like you to continue our important mission. We invite all animal lovers to get involved by adoptingvolunteering, or fostering. Not the right time? Make a life-saving donation instead! Your support will help us rescue and save more lives. 


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