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Every year, 1,000 or more dogs, cats, puppies and kittens come through our doors. While in our care, we provide plenty of individualized attention, enrichment items, medical and behavioral rehabilitation, and lots of love before connecting each animal with a well-matched home. Between the mice and fluffy balls for cats, kongs, rawhides and plushy toys for dogs, we certainly go through a lot of stuff! 


We greatly appreciate donations for our shelter animals, and well as for our Pet Food Pantry program. Thank you for your generous support, which enhances the lives of East Bay animals. 


Want to make a cash donation? Great! Please visit our donation page



Dog Wishes
Cat Wishes
Foster Wishes
Office Wishes


We are in need of the following items (gently used Works for us!):

  • Stretch and scratch cat scratchers
  • Large towels
  • Small or medium blankets (preferably fleece)
  • Small litter boxes
  • Small harnesses and front-clip harnesses
  • Unexpired food still in its retail packaging (opened packages are okay)
  • Dog and Cat treats
  • Dog chews (bully sticks, Nylabones, etc.)
  • Kongs
  • Cat toys
  • Dog toys
  • Ex-pens
  • Dog and cat bowls
  • Dry erase markers
  • Office Supplies: Pens, Paper, Notebooks, post its, highlighters, etc.
  • Flat screen computer monitors
  • Used Ipads or smart tablets

Thank you for thinking of us, however we're currently unable to accept the following items:

  • Human bedding (pillows, comforters, sheets)
  • Used Pet beds of any size
  • Large/lidded/automatic litterboxes
  • Pet food containers
  • Rawhide chews
  • Soft-sided crates
  • Automatic litterboxes
  • Cat trees
  • Rags
  • Clothing
  • Dog food containers
  • Raised food bowls
  • Heavily used items or items with missing parts
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