Katniss & Peeta (Bonded Pair)

My Status


My Location

2700 Ninth St. Berkeley

Adoption Hours

Friday – Sunday, 11AM – 4PM

How to Adopt Me

Meet me at the time/location above!


Greetings, we’re Katniss (female) and Peeta (male)!

In the battle for adorableness, there is no need to choose – we are both sure winners! We’re also besties with each other, so we will want to be adopted together as a bonded pair! Just think of it: adorableness and love X 2! We will wow you with our engaging affection, and entertain you with our playfully adolescent adventures (and mis-adventures!)! Add some kitty toys into the mix for extra delight! And just before we’re finally tired out, let’s sneak in some heavenly cuddle time so we can melt your heart for a lifetime! Please know that we will thrive best in a calm home!

When you adopt us, please keep us indoors-only. Not only will we have longer lives, but we will be healthier and safe from the many dangers the great outdoors can pose to a curious kitties like us. We could be lost or stolen and experience things like overexposure to direct sunlight, natural predators like coyotes, and vehicles which can all be hazards to our health.

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Domestic Shorthair


Neutered Male(s), Spayed Female(s)

My Age

5 months

My Energy Level

Kitten-level playful


Napping, Being pet, Toys, Puzzle games, Being an indoor cat, A kitten-appropriate home, Calm home

My Adoption Fee

$400 for bonded pair

Adoption Information

The Berkeley Humane difference!

Our adoption package includes vaccines, microchip, spay or neuter, flea/tick preventative, worm treatment, and felv/fiv testing for cats (at the discretion of the veterinarian). We also provide $250 worth of medical care with VCA Animal Hospitals, discounts and/or free first welcome visits at other local veterinary hospitals and optional discounted pet insurance.

adoption requirements

We are unable to guarantee the availability of an animal or place any animals on hold. Question about a specific animal? Please contact us.

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Berkeley Humane is proud to partner with Maddie’s Fund® to save lives throughout the Bay Area and Central Valley. 

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