Dog Training

Train the Bay

We offer a wide variety of classes to appeal to the interests and talents of many different types of people and dogs. Our class offerings and informationa about our training program is now available at

Private Training 

Nancy Frensley, CPDT, CAP2, CGC Evaluator and AKC Scent work Judge was voted Best Private Trainer in the Bay Area in the 2010 Bay Woof "Beast of the Bay" awards. 

We do a limited amount of private behavior counseling to troubleshoot and treat behavior problems. All appointments take place at our training facility.  During an appointment we will evaluate the problem areas, and create a plan for you to start changing your dog's behavior. 

Many behavior problems are simply a result of partial training and can be resolved by taking a class and learning our excellent positive methods for making your dog’s behavior reliable. 



Prior to making an appointment we would appreciate your sending an email to, describing the behavior or behavior problem. Our trainers and behavior counselors can then review this information and make the best recommendation for you.



$120 per hour (Discounted for
packages of 3 or 6 sessions)

To contact our Training Department by phone, please call  (510) 845-7735, ext. 215.