Hope Medical Fund

The Hope Medical Fund is a restricted fund directly supporting Berkeley Humane’s onsite veterinary hospital. It was created to help sick or injured animals in the shelter system, who are least likely to find loving homes. The sad truth is, animals with medical needs are often passed over simply due to the financial commitment required to care for them. The Hope Medical Fund allows Berkeley Humane to give the most vulnerable animals the second chance they deserve. 


This year, Berkeley Humane will have over $400,000 in expenses to medically prepare over 1,000 animals for adoption. Your support will save lives.

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To make a donation less than $10, please contact or call 510-845-7735 extension 233.

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Hope Medical Fund Stories

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Young or old, animals who are sick or have serious medical conditions are the least likely to survive when a public shelter is overcrowded. When our animal transport team spotted four frail p…

Hope Medical - Blue

Most people look at puppies and see how cute they are, but when we’re pulling puppies from overcrowded shelters such as those in the Central Valley, we know that they soon could be in a…

Hope Medical - Tagalong

Not much is known about Tagalong before he came to Berkeley Humane, and his injury was a mystery. All we needed to know was that there was a stray kitten with a dislocated hip at an overcr…