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Happy Stories

Happy Stories

Did you fall in love and adopt a dog or cat from Berkeley Humane? Share your Happy Love Story with us! We love hearing about the lives our animals go on to live and the many adventures they go on to have. 


Your story may be featured and inspire others to adopt. Plus, you'll be automatically entered for a chance to win our #LookingFurLove photoshoot. Winners will be contacted in September, 2017.

Share Your Happy Adoption Story!

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#LookingFurLove Photoshoot 

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Featured Adoption Stories

Happy Story: Bruno!

"Bruno (Scott) spent about an hour suspiciously pacing my apartment before settling down under my bed and purring like a motorboat. He's become a regal fluffy love monster and his matter-of-f…

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Happy Story: Bhagerra!

"We lost our beloved big black male cat last year to cancer very unexpectedly, and were of course heartbroken. Rather than wait a while to get another cat, I wanted to adopt quickly this time,…

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Happy Story: Bella

"About 4 years ago, i stopped in on a friday and met anya (now Bella) she was a small lab mix that i spent sone time with, i also met her sister too....i like and bonded somewhat with anya, an…

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Happy Story: Thunder

"I adopted my furbaby 3 years ago last April. He brings a smile to our faces every morning. He's a true love-bug, has the run of the house and more toys than any dog on the planet. He's made m…

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Happy Story: Molly

"My wife and I became empty nesters a couple years ago. We found Molly at Berkeley Humane and was lucky enough to be chosen to adopt her. There were a number of people who wanted her. She has…

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Happy Story: Lily & Willow

"Less than a week after I'd said goodbye to my 21-year-old pal, who was my cat even before he was conceived (another story), I was idly checking my email and saw a notice of an adoption event…

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Happy Story: Lola

"After being warned that the dog we were meeting was usually reserved and uninterested in meeting new people, we were extremely surprised when Lola immediately sat down in our laps and started…

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Happy Story: Maisy

"Three weeks into becoming volunteers at Berkeley Humane, with no intention whatsoever of adopting a dog (yes, we were delusional new we want to adopt them all!), we found the…

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Happy Story: Foxy

"We had been living together for a few months and decided it was time to get a dog. I could bring a smaller dog to work, but Bob didn't want a toy" sized dog, so we had an idea of what we…

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Happy Story: Lois

"We adopted Lois 5 yeas ago this August 27th! She was 7 months old at the time and as we were both first-time dog adopters we were so nervous! Lois has proved to be the best little bean we n…

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Happy Story: Ginger and Manny

"I know kittens are cute, rambunctious, cuddly, and curious, but I didn't realize they like to help with housework! Besides cuddling, Manny (blue collar white socks) and Ginger (green collar…

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Happy Story: Ty

"We searched every shelter every weekend for the dog who was meant to be ours. We met many lovely dogs but when we saw Ty, then named James, at Berkeley Humane we knew we had found our dog.…

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Happy Story: Mr. T

"He pretty much ignored me when I first saw him all the other cats up for adoption would come to the front of their cage and meow. But for some reason, I just felt he was the one for me. He…

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Happy Story: Sumi & Jack

"We had just lost our dog of 8 years suddenly & unexpectedly & we had an emptiness in our home without a dog's presence. About a month later, we came across a picture on Facebook of…

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Happy Story: Ringo!

"Our daughter had been asking for a dog for about a decade. Standing in line at the Berkeley Humane we were just beginning to get serious about looking for a dog. It was the Saturday after T…

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Happy Story: Speedy!

"I lost my speedy when I moved to Richmond, he ran out on Father's Day 2015. On April 15th 2016, a women said that a dog at the Berkeley Humane page looked like mine and I went in and it was m…

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Happy Story: Koshka!

"We adopted Koshka in February of 2007 and she hasnt left our side since. Koshka constantly wants to be around us, from snuggling up at bed time, to sitting on our laps while we do our work.…

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Happy Story: Mylo & Lou!

"I wanted to update you on my recent adoption of these two gems. They were not from the same litter but were 3 weeks apart in age. They both had great personalities individually. So, I thoug…

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Happy Story: Wrenn!

"My husband and I found a dog we liked at Berkeley Humane, but we needed to wait a few days for our landlord to approve the adoption. As soon as we received it, my husband rushed to Berkeley…

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Happy Story: Ellie!

"Ellie was one of four kittens who were abandoned at just a week old. I fostered her and her litter-mates for two months, falling in love with each of their unique personalities in the process…

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