Happy Story: Joey!

We had two dogs, and one of them, our beloved Barnaby, died in September. Though we still grieve for him, we decided the best way to honor his life would be to offer another dog a chance. When checking out the Berkeley Humane site, I came across the story of Joey. Joey is a pit mix, who had been adopted and then returned several years later. He was described as having anxiety and also a vision disorder that has left him with limited vision, and may lead to total blindness.

He had been at Berkeley Humane for over 6 months - no one seemed to want a blind dog. But being blind isn't considered a negative in our household, since I also have limited vision. So we called and went to meet Joey, and introduced him to our other dog (Fred) the next day. Joey came home with us that day. Joey's anxiety seems to be gone, and he is happy and playful. Hie loves us, loves everyone who comes to the house, and spends lots of time playing with toys.

We throw things for him in the back yard, always making sure they strike the fence or something else that makes a sound so he can find them. We are prepared for the time when he might become completely blind, and enjoy his company every day. All the people who didn't take him because of his eyes or his anxiety really missed out - this is a wonderful happy and well adjusted dog. Thank you, Berkeley Humane!

-Dmitri and Tom, Adoptors

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