Pet Care Tips

Below are tips and resources to help keep your pet safe and happy — all year long.

spring tips
Corgi dog with a pink scarf sitting in a pasture of grass next to a tree.

With beautiful blooms and lush green grass on the horizon, keep in mind fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides can be fatal. Keep them stored and locked out of reach and read all warning labels.


Lilies, candies and decorative grass can be harmful or even fatal to dogs and cats if ingested. Keep them away from your pets or purchase only non-toxic items. 

summer tips
Red retriever dog, eyes closed, enjoying the breeze on a boat on a lake.

Warm weather often means open doors and windows at home, leading to falling or escaping pets. Be sure to install gates or screens so that your pets are safely indoors while you enjoy the breeze.


On the go? Never leave your pet inside a car EVER! It’s dangerous, even on mild days or in the shade and also illegal in California.


Watch out for signs of heat stroke. On a warm day, excessive panting and salivating, vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation, and seizures may be indicative of this life-threatening condition. Take your animal to the vet immediately!

fall tips
White husky, Samoyed dog smiling while walking an fallen autumn leaves.

Kids are back to school and crayons, gluesticks, and markers are a must. Ingesting school supplies like paperclips could mean a trip to the emergency room, so be sure to carefully store all ingestable items.


Candies and props for Halloween are often found and ingested by bored pets while their humans celebrate an exciting night. Provide stuffed kongs or interactive toys to your pets so that they engaged and stay out of trouble!


As the family gathers for a festive meal, don’t forget to prepare something special just for your furry family member! Human foods, especially splintery poultry bone, can be harmful to dogs and cats. 

winter tips
Chunky orange cat sitting in the snow in the foreground and a brown tabby cat blurred in the background.

Rain can disorient animals by washing away familiar scents. Keep your animals indoors and make sure your dogs are securely leashed for walks. 


Provide adequate shelter and a cozy bed in a draft-free environment to keep your animal healthy and comfortable.


Festive decorations including the tree, ornaments, tinsel, mistletoe, are often ingested by family pets, resulting in an emergency visit to the vet. Be mindful of this while shopping for the holidays!