Updated September 1, 2021

Data Collection

Berkeley Humane respects the privacy of our website visitors. We do not collect personally identifying information from our website visitors, unless the visitor chooses to provide such information.

Our website may automatically collect and store information including but not limited to: 1). The device (such as mobile, tablet, or desktop) or browser (such as Chrome) visitors used while visiting our site; 2). The domain (such as that referred visitors to our website; 3). The date and time our visitor visited our website; 4). Pages visited on our website, and for how long; 5). Your IP address. We may use cookies to collect information about our visitors so we can improve our website to meet our visitor’s needs.


Should you provide personally identifying information to us (such as your name, email and address) by completing an online subscription form, inquiry form, by making a donation, or otherwise—your information will only be used by our organization to provide you with content through our marketing and communication programs. Your information will not be sold to third parties.

Opt-Out or Update Your Contact Information

In our marketing email communications, we provide an option to opt-out of our email list. You may also contact us to request to opt out of receiving unwanted communications.

Use of Links

Throughout our website, we share links to other websites and servers which may be useful to our website visitors. While we attempt to keep these resource links up to date, we accept no responsibility and have no control over the accuracy and the details of the content shared on third-party sites.

Use of Text and Images

We make every effort to only publish information with permission from the original copyright holder. To request permission to publish information (including our logos, copy and images) you find on our website, or to report any copyright issues, please contact us.


We continually improve our website to be more user-friendly to all of our visitors, including those with disabilities. We welcome our visitors to contact us with any feedback or suggestions to make our website more accessible.

Changes to Policy

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time, by updating our Privacy Policy page without notice.

Questions About Our Policies

Questions about our Privacy Policy or our website? Please contact our Executive Director.

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