kittens in crisis

As the weather warms, Bay Area kitten populations multiply overnight. Often, these kittens are left motherless and helpless within days of being born. It is impossible for a newborn kitten to survive on its own. You can make all the difference in the world by donating to provide the critical care needed for the kittens to survive.

Young and Fragile Kittens Won't Survive without Help

In the last several weeks alone, we’ve taken in more than 50 baby kittens. Their chance for survival depends on round-the-clock care by our dedicated fosters, as these babies need to eat every two hours. Our volunteers are painfully aware that even if they do everything right, there is no guarantee that all the kittens will survive, and it is heartbreaking.

These young and fragile kittens are also constantly monitored by our medical staff for lethargy and disease so that medical intervention is immediate.

The costs are increasing quickly, and more kittens are scheduled to arrive every day this week. You can make a life-saving difference right now. Your donation will provide these underage kittens with the love and care they need to grow and survive.

Where does your donation go?

Baby kittens are often in our care for two full months before they’re old enough to be adopted. Each of these kittens will need 250 bottles of formula, not to mention cans and kibbles, supplies, medical exams, and one or more surgeries. Multiply that by the hundreds of kittens we save each year, and you see why we so desperately need your help. Please make a donation that’ll ensure we have the resources to save them all.

Kitten Formula & Food

Orphaned newborn kittens need to be bottle-fed every two hours for many weeks, and will need 250 bottles of formula until weaned. Once they are four weeks old, they will also need high-calorie kitten food to support their kitten energy and quickly growing bodies.

Medical Care

Orphaned kittens are extremely fragile and often arrive into our care cold, dehydrated, and even ill. To give them a fighting chance, our veterinary team examines them, vaccinates them, prescribes any necessary treatments, and continues to monitor their delicate health over the course of eight weeks.


Each and every kitten will require surgery while in our care. For fortunate kittens, all they need is a spay or neuter at two months old before they're off to a new and exciting adventure with their new families. Some other kittens with injuries or conditions may need a little extra surgical help.

what to do

When You Find Kittens?


Is there immediate, life-threatening danger? If not, leave the kittens. Cat moms are their best chance for survival.


Are the kittens truly, permanently abandoned? Wait four hours from afar for cat mom to return.


When kittens are in danger or abandoned. Keep kittens warm and rush them to a shelter nearby.

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