Photo of mange puppy

Young or old, animals who are sick or have serious medical conditions are the least likely to survive when a public shelter is overcrowded. When our animal transport team spotted four frail puppies with a horrible skin condition in a Central Valley shelter, they knew they needed to act quickly if the puppies were to survive just one more day.

Essentially hairless, the puppies were lovingly given the names of Fiona, Jessica, Hippo, and Potamus since they looked more like baby hippos than puppies.

All four of these fragile pups were carefully bundled up to keep them warm and driven back to Berkeley Humane’s hospital for urgent evaluation and treatment.

After a complete and extensive exam, the diagnosis was an extreme case of demodectic mange. Although not contagious, they all looked terrible, and there was no doubt that their painful, itchy skin had drained them of almost all of their energy. Soothing, medicated baths were started immediately to help ease their suffering.

With a nutritious diet, lots of medicated baths, and lots of love, the motley crew began to perk up in just a few days. For the first time, there was hope. With your help, more animals like these puppies will have a second chance at finding a new, loving family.

Please donate to our Hope Medical Fund so we can save more animals like Fiona, Jessica, Hippo, and Potamus.

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