Hope Medical Fund

Cabo and Liefa

Lightning sometimes does strike twice! Two kittens, of the same age, with similar life-threatening medical issues came into our care in the same month. Liefa (F, grey and white) and Cabo (M, grey) had already experienced two lifetimes of pain in the first few weeks of their lives. They came

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When we first saw Sparkie at a shelter in Stockton, we thought she would get adopted right away! Sparkie is a chipper 8 year old, 10 pound terrier mix with a great smile. We transported her to Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society where a routine exam revealed she was suffering from

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Photo of Blue dog sweetly looking into camera


Most people look at puppies and see how cute they are, but when we’re pulling puppies from overcrowded shelters such as those in the Central Valley, we know that they soon could be in a fight for their lives. That was the case for sweet, 4-month-old Blue. After just a

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Photo of Tagalong kitten wearing medical cone, laying next to mouse toy


Not much is known about Tagalong before he came to Berkeley Humane, and his injury was a mystery. All we needed to know was that there was a stray kitten with a dislocated hip at an overcrowded shelter. He wasn’t able to run or play free from pain. And the

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Photo of Odin dog smiling into camera


Odin, a 6-year-old bulldog mix, was returned to Berkeley Humane. His adopter loved him dearly, but after an unexpected and significant increase in his rent he could no longer afford to meet all of Odin’s medical needs as well as maintain his housing. There is a financial burden to pet

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Photo of mange puppy

Hippo Litter

Young or old, animals who are sick or have serious medical conditions are the least likely to survive when a public shelter is overcrowded. When our animal transport team spotted four frail puppies with a horrible skin condition in a Central Valley shelter, they knew they needed to act quickly

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Photo of Claire dog laying in red dog bed


Sometimes when animals are transferred to Berkeley Humane from local municipal shelters, their injuries are not obvious. With Claire, that was not the case. One look at her and it was clear whatever happened to her front leg was bad. Despite what must have been a tremendously painful injury, Claire

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Photo of Leo, black and white Shih Tzu mix dog wearing Christmas collar


Nothing prepared us for this. When we saw Leo for the first time, our hearts just broke. He was extremely dirty, his fur was severely matted, and foxtails were embedded in countless places. This tangled mess was so bad it was actually restricting his movement. We knew we needed to

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