Hope Medical Fund

Love is Blind

At just seven-months-old, Dream was a sweet, cuddly, and playful kitten, despite her battle against a progressive and painful eye infection that would take her sight. Dream was transferred into our care with severely scarred and ulcerated eyes that were no longer responding to treatment. As her health quickly deteriorated,

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Fighting a Deadly Virus

There are few things that warm your heart faster than seeing a pile of ten four-week-old black kittens all snuggled together. Twenty eyes staring back at you from tiny balls of fur making the smallest meows is one of the most adorable things you will ever experience.

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Someone Gave Up on Ariel, But We Didn’t

We see this all too often. Senior pets are surrendered to animal shelters or simply abandoned when their health needs become too complicated or expensive. It is heartbreaking. At Berkeley Humane we know that senior dogs and cats make wonderful pets, and we make it a priority to transport them to our shelter to ensure they get the medical care they need.

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Jupiter, a brown Am Staff with a pink color and black easy walk harness relaxes on a white dog bed.

From Excruciating Dental Pain to A New Loving Family

When we met Jupiter, a 2-year-old Pitbull mix, at an overcrowded public shelter, we were immediately smitten with her affectionate and gentle personality. She charmed everyone she met! But one look in her mouth told a different story. Jupiter was in urgent need of major dental surgery—a procedure that can

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