At just seven-months-old, Dream was a sweet, cuddly, and playful kitten, despite her battle against a progressive and painful eye infection that would take her sight. Dream was transferred into our care with severely scarred and ulcerated eyes that were no longer responding to treatment. As her health quickly deteriorated, our medical team jumped into action to perform a double enucleation surgery—the only way to save her life.  

Although we were certain that surgery was the best option, we also knew that Dream’s recovery would be long, and that she would need love, patience and support as she adapts to blindness. Our medical team continued to monitor Dream, while an experienced foster tended to her daily care. To our surprise, Dream bounced back almost immediately! 

Just hours after surgery, Dream expressed interest in toys. It wasn’t long at all before she found her way, was eating and moving on her own, and got adopted! 

She adjusted to our home super easily. Jumping [with] confidence immediately 🙂

–Rachel, Adopter

Dream’s journey was a marvelous success—not only because of her resilience, but because of all the support we had along the way.  

It is with the support of our generous donors, volunteers and loving fosters, that Dream’s dream of a new loving home came true! 

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