Sometimes, Saving a Life Just Takes Time

On January 5, 2023, Kalia arrived on the first flight of the new year from Hawai’i as a great candidate for our Aloha Dog project. With little chance of getting adopted at an overcrowded municipal island shelter, we were confident she would be welcomed quickly into a new loving family here on the mainland. Kalia was an alert four-year-old who loved every dog and person who crossed her path. She was a hands-down favorite of the volunteers and staff. Yet, week after week, she was passed over for adoption.   

Not all dogs do well in a kennel environment, but Kalia seemed to thrive. She received constant attention, a minimum of three walks a day, and all the canine playgroups she could handle. She was everyone’s best friend. But soon the weeks turned into months. Was Kalia aware that every week, her friends from prior playgroups did not return when they found their new loving homes? 

Kalia’s long stay in the shelter was heartbreaking, but we were never going to give up on her, even as the colder months started and the end of the year grew closer and closer.  

Then it happened—during the final adoption days of 2023—just as we were about to close, a couple arrived and requested to take Kalia for a stroll. Within two blocks they were smitten. After 361 days in our care, Kalia found her people and left the shelter.  

Thank you for providing us with the resources to house, care for and love the shelter pets that deserve a family to call their own—no matter how long it takes. 

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