Finding Love Again, Together

Clyde and Mr. Cuddles, two distinguished and beautiful tuxedo cats, were living great lives until one day everything changed. Throughout the year, we receive calls not from the pet owners, but from the families of those pet owners who are dealing with their incapacity or death. These family members are struggling to find new homes for the pets displaced by the loss of their owner.  

That was the circumstance for Clyde and Mr. Cuddles. They were adopted as kittens by a woman who loved and cared for them, but when she suddenly passed away, their world was turned upside down.  

Finding homes for adult cats is not always easy, especially for a bonded pair, but we were determined to find them a new loving home. Clyde and Mr. Cuddles were used to a quiet life, a peaceful home, for almost ten years. Our top priority was to find them a similar living situation and to keep the bonded pair together. 

Barbara, a local resident, reached out to us looking to adopt a tuxedo cat. Once Barbara heard that Clyde and Mr. Cuddles lost their original mom, it did not take too much convincing for Barbara to adopt the two cats together. Clyde and Mr. Cuddles had a layover at the shelter just long enough to receive all their medical checks and were quickly delivered by our volunteers to their new home.   

Clyde and Mr. Cuddles adapted right away to their new surroundings. It was not long before Barbara’s new companions had the run of the house. They wasted no time in seeking out Barbara’s lap to receive a never-ending supply of head scratches and cuddles.  

Most of our animals are transported from other overcrowded shelters, but we also have animals in our care that were stray, abandoned, or surrendered by their owners. Your support of our rehoming efforts has a tremendous impact on the people and animals we serve, especially in the most challenging situations such as the loss of a pet owner. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Barbara, Clyde and Mr. Cuddles! 

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