Alumni Update: Smokey

These days, I'm filled with hope for the future, and we're setting new goals... Raising him has been an immensely rewarding experience...

We like to check in with our animals and see how they are doing after being adopted from Berkeley Humane!

“It’s been incredible watching Smokey [formerly Iggy] grow over the past year. I had little hope for him when he arrived at Berkeley Humane (in February of 2020) – he had serious mobility issues in his legs and could barely keep his food down. After discovering that he had Myasthenia Gravis and megaesophagus, there was no telling how his life would unfold. At nearly a year old now, he’s overcome so many of his challenges, thanks in large part to his mobility medication.

In his own weird way, he can run, play, and eat without any assistance. While he still lacks the muscle to walk for long stretches, his abilities are consistently improving. His vitality and spunky attitude in spite of his conditions have been a huge inspiration.

He’s always loved being out in nature, meeting new people, and wrestling over toys. He often seems unaware of his limitations, and will bravely gallop at full speed at a stranger.

These days, I’m filled with hope for the future, and we’re setting new goals: back straightening exercises, impulse control, and bladder control. Raising him has been an immensely rewarding experience, and I want to thank everyone at Berkeley Humane for giving him a chance.” – Adopter, Ian⁠⠀

Read about how your donations to Berkeley Humane’s Hope Medical Fund saved Smokey’s life (then called Iggy).

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