Expert Medical Care + Professional Training = Love!

Senara's close up

We will never know why this puppy was abandoned on the side of a busy road. She was sick, scared, and helpless. She was only a few steps away from being killed by a car, but was brought to Berkeley Humane in time. When she arrived she was suffering from severe demodex, better known as mange, caused by parasitic mites. The mange lead to secondary bacterial and fungal infections. It was clear her medical treatment would take months to make her healthy again, but those medical needs were only part of the story.

At only a few months old she was tipping the scale at 40 pounds—a good indication that she was going to be a big dog. While all dogs benefit from training, larger dogs are often more challenging to adopt, and if left untrained, her prospects for a loving home would be slim. Berkeley Humane’s professional trainers jumped into action to ensure that as much attention was paid to her training at this critical stage of development, while her medical needs were being addressed. We named our new rescued puppy Senara. A training plan was developed and with dedication from our volunteers, foster, and staff, we witnessed her complete transformation.

She was almost unrecognizable from the sick and scared puppy who first arrived at our door. Senara’s fur grew back. Her manners improved and her spirit was high. She was now 50 pounds and almost 1 year-old, it was time to go home! She did not have to wait too long for a new loving family and, as if there was not already a lot to celebrate, her adoption became final on her birthday—the best gift any shelter dog could wish for! Your support provided the medical and behavior resources to save Senara and give her the new life she deserves.

Please donate to our Hope Medical Fund so we can save more animals like Senara.

From our Fall 2021 Newsletter.

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