Thanks to You, Sweet Pea Can Wiggle Her Butt Again!

Sweet Pea looking precious with her big glossy eyes

In April, Berkeley Humane rushed to save a small dog in big pain. A local stray we named Sweet Pea had been hit by a car. X-Rays revealed that the bones connecting her tail to her spine were broken. While the accident didn’t break her back nor paralyze her, she no longer had control over her tail and it hung limp, causing her terrible pain. The only option to give Sweet Pea any relief was amputation. Would she ever be able to wiggle her butt again!?

Thanks to support from donors like you, animals like Sweat Pea receive urgent care in their most desperate hour. Your generous donation to the Hope Medical Fund makes it possible for our medical team to relieve this senior girl of pain and suffering. Our talented veterinarians performed a meticulous surgery to maintain her intact vertebrae and not disturb the many nerves around the base of her spine. They were able to amputate her little tail (all 4 inches of it) and unexpectedly discovered mammary cancer – exacerbated because she had never been spayed. The mass was removed and she was spayed as well. Sweet Pea recovered well from a three-surgery day. After less than a month in the care of her amazing foster family, she was adopted and now lives pain-free!

Please donate to our Hope Medical Fund so we can save more animals like Sweet Pea.

From our Fall 2021 Newsletter.

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