Munchie, From the Street to Our Hearts

image of Munchie the cat

Most cats born on the streets cannot learn to live with people once they are beyond kittenhood. Munchie however, was a different kind of feral cat. In April, a local rescue group noticed this scruffy cat who was approachable and curious about people. He was brought to Berkeley Humane where he needed urgent care for external wounds and dehydration. Munchie’s demeanor was gentle and his injuries were most likely from attacks by other feral cats. It took him a while to get used to his new indoor surroundings—he was hesitant to even eat.

But after a few days he warmed up to his many admirers (have you seen those green eyes!?)—accepting head scratches and treats, even playing with toys. His first time in a home was at his fosters’ where he acclimated quickly and learned to use the litterbox. We were delighted to learn he was comfortable and accepting of affection because it meant that Munchie could be adopted! It didn’t take long before Munchie stole the heart of a San Francisco resident.

Now, he lives like a prince in a high-rise castle overlooking the City By The Bay. Without the generosity and compassion of donors like you, Munchie would very likely have suffered on the streets and had a premature death. Your donations to our Hope Medical Fund make it possible for animals, like Munchie, to go from the streets to living the highlife with all of the love they deserve. Thank you!

Please donate to our Hope Medical Fund so we can save more animals like Munchie.

From our Fall 2021 Newsletter.

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