From Street to Sleek—Thanks to You!

Adoptable black kitten wearing a blue bow with a blep face, also known as, a tongue sticking out.

Once simple act of kindness can save a life. For senior cat Braveheart, it came in the form of a phone call to Berkeley Humane in late August 2020. Braveheart was your average neighborhood stray who survived off of handouts and garbage. Most people ignore strays, but some pay attention, and he owes his life to keen-eyed neighbors who grew concerned that his health was in rapid decline. 

When we saw Braveheart, he looked like a crumpled-up bag of bones, dangerously emaciated and riddled with fleas. We had to act fast to save his life, and luckily his will to survive was strong. When a volunteer offered up a name for this senior kitty—Braveheart—we thought it fit him perfectly.

As soon as we fully examined him, it was clear Braveheart had been through some type of trauma. He was practically bald around the head and neck and crusty everywhere. What was left of his fur looked strange like it had been burned off, possibly by fireworks. He had teeth and skin infections and was diagnosed with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) which would make it harder for him to fight off those infections. 

We got to work, and Braveheart’s spirit stayed high. He recovered well after all of his rotten teeth were extracted, which relieved him of immense pain but left his tongue perpetually peeking out his mouth. He was patient while we consulted with a veterinary dermatologist to find the right combination of steroids and specialty food to cure his debilitatingly itchy skin. He took well to the medications and, now much more comfortable, Braveheart’s personality blossomed! He loved to play, purr, and nuzzle his foster.  

After some additional monitoring, his condition continued to improved and just after Christmas, he was adopted. No longer a stray, but a prized member of a loving family!

Please donate to our Hope Medical Fund so we can save more animals like Braveheart.

From our Spring 2021 Newsletter.

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