From Excruciating Dental Pain to A New Loving Family

Jupiter, a brown Am Staff with a pink color and black easy walk harness relaxes on a white dog bed.

When we met Jupiter, a 2-year-old Pitbull mix, at an overcrowded public shelter, we were immediately smitten with her affectionate and gentle personality. She charmed everyone she met!

But one look in her mouth told a different story. Jupiter was in urgent need of major dental surgery—a procedure that can easily run thousands of dollars. The public shelter didn’t have the resources to take this on, and they knew that the state of her teeth would be a major barrier to her getting adopted, so they asked us to help.

Thanks to Hope Medical Fund donors, we were able to book an appointment quickly with a specialist veterinarian who could perform the complicated dental surgery that Jupiter needed. This expensive procedure included extracting 2 canine teeth.

On the way into the surgery, we gave Jupiter a scratch on the ear and told her it would get better soon. She responded with a little lick, like she was telling us, “I know. I trust you to take care of me.”

Jupiter went to a loving foster home to recover, and if anything, she got sweeter! Now that Jupiter’s pain was gone, her tail wagged even more and she just wanted to be friends with everyone she met. The foster family was as smitten as everyone else who met her—so much so that they decided to adopt her themselves! Thank you for all you do for each of the animals that passes through the doors of Berkeley Humane. We know Jupiter would love to thank each of you, too, with an excited greeting of tail wags and bounding towards you!

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