Living and Loving: A New Life After Hoarding

Small black dog with blue harness

You see the stories in the media all too often. Someone who started with good intentions accumulates a large number of animals and then quickly becomes overwhelmed. We have seen people with large numbers of animals in their care struggling to provide minimal standards of nutrition, sanitation, and veterinary care. They can fail to act on the deteriorating condition of the animals including disease, starvation, and even death. In overcrowded conditions, it can become impossible to maintain a sanitary environment which can negatively impact the health of both the people and the animals in the home.

Ripley, a four-year-old Chihuahua was transported from a local home with dozens of dogs and cats when the owners/guardians had become overwhelmed. Ripley and the other animals we took into our care all had medical and behavioral needs. Ripley had untreated allergies that led to a terrible skin infection, scabby patches, and hair loss due to constant scratching.

After receiving a thorough medical examination we began a treatment of antibiotics, prescription food, and medicated shampoo to help relieve his pain. Due to his upbringing, Ripley was good with other dogs but was incredibly shy around people. We designed a behavior plan just for him to help him feel safe and gradually choose to come out of his shell. He received lots of love and individualized attention and he began to thrive. After several months in our care, the day finally came when he was ready for a new loving family of his own.

Ripley did not have to wait long. A family had recently lost one of their Chihuahuas which had left an 8-pound hole in their lives. Ripley was a great new fit in every way. He now has only 3 siblings, all just about his size, and two very doting new parents. According to the family, Ripley, who is now Winston, is enjoying life and his new little pack. They shared that he “loves to be loved and loves his family right back!”

Rescue efforts such as these are only made possible by donors like you who provide the resources necessary to respond to animals like Ripley. Every animal deserves a loving home to call their own, and we are grateful that you make this happen.

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