The Berkeley Humane Difference: Compassion, Care, and Commitment to Animals

a multicolored cat available for adoption looks at the camera with a tilted face

So many shelter animals need loving homes: our mission is to provide a safe haven for these animals and to find them loving homes. We ensure that each animal in our care receives medical attention, behavioral evaluations, and a comprehensive adoption package, which includes:

Medical and Behavior Evaluations: Berkeley Humane recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to animal care. Every animal that enters their shelter receives medical and behavior evaluations to identify any underlying issues or concerns. This assessment helps us understand the unique needs of each animal, so we can provide tailored care and find the most suitable home for each animal.

Vaccines, Microchip, and Preventative Treatments: To safeguard the health of the animals, Berkeley Humane ensures that each one receives the necessary vaccinations to protect against common diseases. Additionally, microchipping is carried out to increase the chances of reuniting lost pets with their families. We also provide vital preventative treatments, including flea, tick, and worm treatments for all animals and felv/fiv tests for cats, as recommended by their veterinarian, as well as heartworm preventatives for dogs.

Adoption Package: Our adoption package is designed to set both pets and their new families up for success. Along with the joy of welcoming a new furry family member, adopters receive a temporary leash or carrier to ensure a safe journey home. The adoption package also includes $250 worth of medical care with VCA Animal Hospitals, providing a valuable safety net for the pet’s future healthcare needs. Additionally, adopters receive a certificate for a free examination at a local veterinary hospital, to assist with ensuring their new companion’s well-being.

Optional Discounted Pet Insurance and Dog Training Classes: Understanding the importance of ongoing care and training, Berkeley Humane offers optional discounted pet insurance for adopters, as well as a 30-day free trial to pet insurance. This valuable resource provides peace of mind, knowing that unexpected medical expenses can be covered. Furthermore, the organization collaborates with Train the Bay, our renowned dog training program, offering adopters a 30% discount on dog training classes. This initiative helps establish a strong bond between the adopter and their new four-legged family member while ensuring a happy and well-adjusted pet.

We are committed to successful and fulfilling adoption journeys, one animal at a time!

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