How to Teach Your Cat Tricks

Cat with collar looking up at a treat
Because showing off tricks isn't just for the dogs! Go on, give it a try.

Carly, Pet Program Manager at Berkeley Humane and her cat Rozzie give a quick demonstration of how to teach your cat tricks. It can be another fun and engaging way to spend time with your kitty.

  1. Start with “Sit”. Cats can learn to sit the same way dogs do!
  2. After your cat learns to “Sit”, take it to the next level and have your cat “Sit Up”.
  3. Using the same methods, teach your cat “High Five” and “Boop”.

Once your cat and you are communicating – sky is the limit to what you can teach your cat. Go for it!

Questions? Visit Berkeley Humane’s Resource Center for more information on our programs and services.

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