Training Tips: Platform and Ball Fitness

Train the Bay trainer Nancy Frensley with her Austrailian Shepherd and mixed dogs. Dog training bay area

In this video Nancy Frensley, Training Manager at Berkeley Humane shares her tips for getting your dog to love going to a platform and how your dog can use a yoga ball. It may seem complicated, but as with any skill or trick, it takes consistency, patience, and lots of treats!

A great skill to share with your dog, especially if you will be working from home a lot, is teaching them to love going to a platform or mat. This can help your dog to settle down quietly when you’re otherwise occupied.

Go To a Platform or Mat

  1. Get your dog to repeat getting on and off a platform (or mat). Give your dog a treat each time he/she returns to the platform.
  2. Once your dog is comfortable and enjoys getting on the platform, get your dog to lay down and stay, then give a treat.
  3. Gradually increase the stay time before giving a treat.

Using a Yoga Fitness Ball

  1. Hold the ball in place while encouraging your dog to place their front paws on the ball.
  2. Give a treat.
  3. Once your dog is used to this, let the ball roll and give a treat each time your dog rolls the ball.

Visit Berkeley Humane’s website for more training tips, or view our training class offerings at!

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