Training Tips: How to Interrupt Indoor Barking

dog smiling indoors
No more panicking each time that Amazon delivery comes to your door!

Photo Credit: Petsolino

Nancy Frensley, Training Manager at Berkeley Humane shares her best dog training tips on how to interrupt or prevent indoor barking!

You’re dog is just doing what they do best – protect the pack! But barking can be loud, annoy you or your neighbors or wake up that sleepy baby. Do not punish or yell at your dog for barking, it’s just what they do. The better, safer, and easier solution is to distract them.

Remember, every time you want to change your dog’s behavior, you have to give them something else to do. The two best options to distract your dog from whatever they may be barking at are:

  1. Food: “Come, get a cookie!”
  2. Play: “Go get your toy!”

Don’t worry. By offering a cookie, you are not “rewarding” their barking. You are offering a distraction. Take the opportunity of offering them a treat and turn it into a mini training lesson. Practice sit, shake, spin, or simply to be still, as demonstrated in this other video.

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