Training Tips: “Be Still” Exercise

Nancy Frensley, Training Manager at Berkeley Humane shares a quick introduction to her Be Still exercise. It’s a great way for your dog to be comfortable at the vet or groomers, or when meeting new people!

We want your dog to enjoy interactions with strangers, and stay calm when being handled. It’s an easy and quick exercise you can do everyday with young and old pups.

“Be Still” in four easy steps:

  1. Ask your dog to “Sit” and “Be Still.”
  2. Give your dog a stroke along her chest, back or legs, then give her a cookie.
  3. The reward comes when your dog remains still, calm, and happy.
  4. Repeat the exercise many times, each time stroking your dog in different locations on their body and for gradually longer lengths of time.

For even better results: Try this exercise in different environments such as inside your home, the yard, at the park, or while in a car. This helps your dog get used to the idea of being handled or touched outside of the comfort of home.

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