Cat Safety: Why they Should Wear Collars and ID Tags

Carly, Pet Program Manager at Berkeley Humane explains in this video why it’s important to have proper ID tags for your indoor and outdoor cat!

Dog and cat collars serve different purposes. In addition to holding their tags, a dog’s collar needs to fit properly to support a leash so you maintain control and safety. A cat’s collar needs to be able to “break-away” in case they ever gets snagged by a bush or fence.

You may trust your cat to know where they are and to come home when they are ready for a warm lap to sleep on, but you can’t trust people to know that. Even if a person is trying to help, with no ID, they might not realize your cat is just doing their daily outdoor routine and pick them us as a stray.

If you include your neighborhood or the street you live on, a person can also determine that your cat might have wondered too far from home, and give you a call to let you know.

With a proper ID tags for your cat, you can make their world a safer place.

Need advice on how to get your cat to start wearing collars? We’ve got that at minute 2 of this video!

Three things you should include on your cat’s ID Tag:

  1. Your cat’s name.
  2. Your phone number.
  3. Whether your cat is indoors only, or both indoors and outdoors. If your cat does go outdoors, also include your address (or general location of where you live).

More questions? Visit Berkeley Humane’s Resource Center for more information on our programs and services.

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