Training Tips: Socializing Your New Puppy During Covid 19 Pandemic

Masked woman playing with puppy in park
Socializing your puppy before they are 4 months old is very important to their health and development.

Adopt a puppy during this Covid 19 pandemic? Nancy Frensley, Training Manager at Berkeley Humane shares some ways you can socialize your puppy while maintaining your distance and your safety during this pandemic.

So what does “socialization” mean? It’s not just getting pet or touched by people but also experiencing new environments. So you have to get outside, but be safe and ware a mask!

  1. Make sure your new puppy experiences lots of new environments.
  2. Take your puppy for car rides.
  3. Feed your puppy treats while looking outside at all the wonderful people.
  4. Use a lot of happy cheerful talk to encourage your puppy while out.
  5. Go to local parks.
  6. Feed your dog their meal one kibble at a time in a new environment such as a park.
  7. Be patient and positive when your puppy first encounters people in masks.

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