Looking Their Best to Find Love

Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society’s Dogs Get Valentine’s Day Makeovers

Media Contact: Morgan Pulleyblank
Director of Development & Communications
mpulleyblank [at] berkeleyhumane.org

Berkeley, Calif – With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, love is in the air, and the dogs at Berkeley Humane have been getting ready to find their true love! After an uncertain past, they are looking to the future, and all they needed now was a loving home. They wanted to make sure they could put their best paw forward in their search for love! But they needed a little help.

TWEET THIS: Love is in the air at @berkeleyhumane, and @healthyspot came to help with makeovers so the dogs would be ready to find love! Could that be you?

And help was on its way! Four lucky dogs received head-to-tail makeovers from the grooming team at Healthy Spot, a pet retailer with a location in Mission Bay and one opening up this spring in Rockridge. Dumbledore, Care Bear, Sally, and Maybelline all received baths specific to their needs, haircuts, and even accessories, all to make them picture-perfect to meet their special someone.


Dumbledore, the elder Irish Wolfhound mix, had come to us with mats nearly a foot long. Thanks to the skillful clippers of the team, he is ready to step out and find love.

Care Bear

Care Bear, a carefree Welsh Corgi mix, got a bath and a bandanna to complete his look. Now all he needs is to find someone to snuggle with.


Sally, a mature miniature Poodle mix, went from ragamuffin to society lady. She wasn’t used to getting her toes groomed, but she started to like it by the end!

And Maybelline, a senior Yorkie mix, got all her flyaways taken care of. Maybe she was born with it, but she’s definitely Maybelline!

All these animals have updated profile pictures because everyone’s looking for love—come find these dogs and more at Berkeley Humane!

WHAT:                    Meet the made-over dogs at Berkeley Humane!
WHEN:                    Friday-Sunday, 11 AM – 5 PM
WHY:                       Save the lives of shelter pets.
WHERE:                  Berkeley Humane, 2700 Ninth Street, Berkeley CA 94710 www.berkeleyhumane.org

About Berkeley Humane

With its origins dating back to 1895, today Berkeley Humane serves the people and animals of our community by providing life-saving programs for cats and dogs, cultivating compassion, and strengthening the human-animal bond. With the support of a dedicated and talented volunteer and staff team, Berkeley Humane intakes animals from municipals shelters around the Bay Area who are often in need of medical care, improved nutrition, enrichment and lots of love. In 2018, Berkeley Humane conducted over 1,200 adoptions and touched the lives of an additional 1,000 additional pets through related services. Learn more at www.berkeleyhumane.org.

About Healthy Spot

Healthy Spot was founded by Andrew Kim and Mark Boonnark in 2008, following the 2007 pet food recall.  Healthy Spot has removed the guesswork by ensuring that every stocked product meets stringent pre-selection criteria for premium quality of ingredients.  All Healthy Spot products are organic, natural, raw and/or eco-friendly and made with responsible manufacturing practices. In addition to pet supplies, Healthy Spot offers full-service grooming, small dog daycare and obedience courses taught by nationally recognized trainers.  Healthy Spot is committed to inspiring healthy pet lifestyles by creating authentic experiences and fostering community, one pet at a time.

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