The Aloha Dog Project brings Hawaii’s shelter dogs to the Bay Area

Black terrier dog with a lei and a black and tan dog with a lei are next to each other in a beach graphic with the text “Aloha”

Berkeley Humane’s Aloha Dog Project is moving dogs from Kona Hawaii to the San Francisco Bay Area. Already, this project to alleviate overcrowding in island shelters, has successfully transplanted numerous dogs from the Kona public shelter to Berkeley Humane. Each of these dogs receive care and medical attention before being adopted into Bay Area homes.

These shelter animals affectionately dubbed “Aloha Dogs” are being escorted from Kona to the Bay Area by travelers returning from vacation. Upon arrival, volunteers meet them at the airport for the final leg of their journey to Berkeley Humane.

Travelers flying directly from Kona on Alaska Airlines can support this project by helping transport these Aloha Dogs. Due to pandemic-related restrictions placed on flying animals by the airlines, only Alaska Airlines is participating in this effort at this time. Please contact us if you’re interested in becoming an Animal Flying Companion.

If serving as an Animal Flying Companion isn’t a good fit for you, there are many other ways to support this project. Please consider adopting an Aloha Dog, volunteering, fostering, and donating to help underwrite the cost of this life saving effort.

Summary of All the Ways You Can Help
  1. Become an Animal Flying Companion if you plan to fly direct from Kona on Alaskan Airlines
  2. Adopt an Aloha Dog, or any shelter animal
  3. Volunteer at our shelter to help shuttle Aloha Dogs from the airport to Berkeley Humane, amongst many other things
  4. Foster shelter animals, giving them plenty of TLC, couch and snuggle time while they await adoption
  5. Donate to underwrite the cost of life-saving projects like this one
Aloha Dogs on NBC

Click Here to watch Bay Area reporter Chris Chmura sharing our Aloha Dog Project on NBC!

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