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Fighting a Deadly Virus

There are few things that warm your heart faster than seeing a pile of ten four-week-old black kittens all snuggled together. Twenty eyes staring back at you from tiny balls of fur making the smallest meows is one of the most adorable things you will ever experience.

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Someone Gave Up on Ariel, But We Didn’t

We see this all too often. Senior pets are surrendered to animal shelters or simply abandoned when their health needs become too complicated or expensive. It is heartbreaking. At Berkeley Humane we know that senior dogs and cats make wonderful pets, and we make it a priority to transport them

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Keone, a puppy from Hawaii, underwent surgery at Berkeley Humane before being adopted
Critical Surgery Saves Hawaii Puppy

We expect to provide every pet transported to Berkeley Humane with the best possible medical care and Keone was no exception. He traveled almost 2,400 miles from Kona to get the specialized treatment he needed to save his life. Keone was suffering from a large inguinal hernia, which caused his

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leaving overpopulation behind! a cat smooshes into a couch, leaving only his tail and back legs out.
New “Sponsor a Spay for Valentine’s Day” Campaign

It is no secret that nationally there is a shortage of veterinarians, and the Bay Area has not been spared! With fewer veterinarians, fewer animals are getting spayed/neutered, leading to unwanted animals creating overcrowding conditions in shelters. To address this trend and in conjunction with February designated as Spay Neuter

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Dog training bay area
Training and Behavior Tips

Our team of pet experts is here to help! These videos have advice on how to stay safe and healthy, as well as tips and tricks so you can bond with your pet(s).

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