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Black terrier dog with a lei and a black and tan dog with a lei are next to each other in a beach graphic with the text “Aloha”
The Aloha Dog Project brings Hawaii’s shelter dogs to the Bay Area

Berkeley Humane’s Aloha Dog Project is moving dogs from Kona Hawaii to the San Francisco Bay Area. Already, this project to alleviate overcrowding in island shelters, has successfully transplanted numerous dogs from the Kona public shelter to Berkeley Humane. Each of these dogs receive care and medical attention before being

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Shelters Seeing Longer Stays for Larger Dogs

A significant slowdown in adoptions could be devastating for local shelter dogs. Before the start of the pandemic, the length of time a dog would spend at Berkeley Humane was under two weeks. Now the average stay is more than 130 days with no viable adopters in sight.

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Videos: Animals Available to Adopt

Are you or someone you know looking to adopt? You’ll learn so much about our adoptable animals by watching videos of them.  Check out the videos below, and then follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube so you’ll be the first to see new videos! And join us on Thursday

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training black and white shepherd mix dog to shake hands and paws
Seven Dog Training Classes Every Pet Parent Should Know About!

There’s nothing on earth quite like the unconditional, unreserved love of a dog. There’s a reason they are known as man’s best friend! Training your dog is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do, because it improves your communication and strengthens your trust and bond. Not

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